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Underground Utilities

Water Lines:

DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. has installed potable water lines and fire lines in diameter or 1″ up to 36″ and of various pipe compositions.  DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. adheres to ANSA.AWWA Standards and installs only the highest quality accompanying support products including service saddles, couplings, corporation stops, meters, and testing.

Reuse Lines:

DeJonge has performed water reuse jobs from permitting to implementation and is familiar with the environmental aspects associated with reclaimed water.

Live Taps:

DeJonge Excavating offers live taps from 2″ up to 12″, on all types of pipe materials, for Contractors and Municipalities in need of the service.


Stormwater work is a specialty of DeJonge. DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. has assisted in design, hydraulic flows, runoff, catch basins and canals throughout southwest Florida. DeJonge employs best management practices from design to inspection and maintenance. DeJonge has installed riprap erosion control, major stormwater pump stations, weirs, Tideflex valves and reinforced banks on a number of projects that they have completed.

Lift Stations:

DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. has rehabilitated, repaired, and installed new lift stations, duplex and triplex (15 HP to 85HP) in widths of 23′ to depths of 34′ for many years.  DeJonge is involved from conceptual ideas to installation of pumps, valves, and electrical equipment. DeJonge has been on the leading edge of low elevation to high elevation lift station repairs and installations.

Sanitary Sewer Lines:

DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. has provided sewer line installation and repairs on many major projects.  DeJonge’s areas of expertise include installing, repairing, vacuum systems, force mains, gravity systems and sewer pipe from PVC, vitrified clay, HDPE, ductile iron pipe to Fusible PVC.

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