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EZ Valve

Valve Installation and Line Stopping

Want a smart solution for saving your budget?  Try the proven permanent valve insertion system.  Single excavation, no service disruption for your customers, an excellent emergency shutoff tool.  Available in 4″ to 24″ sizes. To learn more go to www.avtfittings.com.

EZ Valve makes all other methods of installing a valve “under pressure” obsolete.  No tapping machine required, no temporary valve required, no coupon to drop, no heavy equipment to transport and move around the job site or operate.

The EZ Valve internal parts(gate) are removable or replaceable “under pressure” without the need to use the installation equipment  The EZ Valve mills a slot across the top of the pipe, 120 degrees, preserving the integrity of the pipe while providing a rigid support for the gate.

If desired, the bonnet can be removed and a completion cover can be installed for the line stopping application.

With over 12,000 proven installations worldwide, EZ Valve is the only logical choice for professional valve insertions.  DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. has successfully installed over 150 EZ Valves in southwest Florida.

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